Darling, What Is Going On? <3 and Random Life Question Wednesday

....Nothing special going on tonight, just winding down before bed. I had to drug myself with those little pink Benadryl tablets (just one) from Target, because I couldn't SLEEP last night, so I broke down and took one, which finally worked, but that meant I was really drowsy today. I took a nap earlier while I was watching the appendices from The Return of the King. I never get tired of watching that.

Picture: A gaudy necklace I got at Charlotte Russe.
Post Title: Lyric from "Situations" by Escape the Fate.
Current Random Life Questions:

1. Why do Blogger and Hotmail tell me that I'm misspelling the words "couldn't" and "doesn't"?
2. Why does Hotmail tell me I'm misspelling "Hotmail"?
3. How come I like the word "cyborg" so much?
4. How can a plane ticket be $384 one day and $73 the next?
5. What did everyone do with their stupid Zack Morris "bag phones" from the 90's?

Mmm. Time for sleep. Stay tuned for my possibly crazy trip to Dallas this weekend. Maybe I will do something redonkulous to spice up the blog. AAGH! "redonkulous" isn't picked up by spellcheck, but "couldn't" is?????? What???

Peace out.


Oh My, I Am So Excited! <3 <3 <3 And Some Other Stuff.

September 29th......I already previewed "Medicate" on YouTube, and I really like it....Too bad I can't stand iTunes, or I would have already pre-purchased the deluxe edition.... For those of you not familiar with AFI (or "AFG" as a very dear, and musically critical friend refers to them as), the last album they came out with, December Underground, was released in 2006, so I am very excited about Crash Love, and I do not CARE that it doesn't sound like Answer That And Stay Fashionable, so quit hatin'.

ANYWAY, I have been at the hospital in Odessa all day, since my mom had surgery to remove a lobe of her thyroid, which had this gargantuan tumor on it. The doctor said that it looked benign, but we'll know for sure in a few days. Either way, she is doing very well since the anesthesia has worn off. She's a pistol, that woman.

And here, for no reason, is an old Raggedy Ann doll:
LOOK!! SHE HAS A TATTOO!!!! God, toys suck now.



This is my Ghetto Fabulous, First-Generation-Cause-I'm-A-Sucker-But-It-Still-Works 30GB Zune. I have no idea why I'm telling you about it. Here is another photo...of the FRONT this time:
I have hedgehog and pear stickers on it because they make me happy. Today's post is about music, and what I'm listening to right now (many thanks to my nephews, Steven and Bryan, who are responsible for introducing me to new stuff constantly).

LET'S SEE... If I had to put only 10 songs on my Zune right now, they would be the following:

  1. 1. Pain - Tiger Army*** favorite song right now***
  2. 2. Hello Fascination - Breathe Carolina
  3. 3. Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money - Chiodos
  4. 4. Come Undone - Duran Duran
  5. 5. Situations - Escape the Fate
  6. 6. Knock You Down - Keri Hilson (I KNOW)
  7. 7. Never Wanted To - Saosin
  8. 8. You're Not Alone (Acoustic) - Saosin
  9. 9. Where The Moss Slowly Grows - Tiger Army
  10. 10. The Leaving Song, Pt. II - AFI

Most of my friends think all my music is crap, and that's ok. I'll admit, a lot of it might be "acquired taste" kind of stuff, but I like that these bands are actually talented across the board. Chiodos, for example, has a lot of classical influence, but does not sound like Evanescence. To take classical, technical skill and then make post-hardcore music out of it is really an achievement, and I think they pull it off very well. They also play very well live, as does Saosin. Escape the Fate is great too, but I like the Ronnie Radke version better, because he is HOT.

I have to run - today is my little nephew, Christopher's birthday, and I need to go shopping. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEEK!! WOOHOO!!!


So, I bought these today at Target. They are radical, but being that it is still Summer, and will probably remain Summer until, oh, say February, these will stay in my closet until then. Unless I travel somewhere cold. I need to move.

See? Nerd.

After re-connecting with a very inspiring friend this summer, I've been writing again. I'm a strong technical writer. Clinical evaluations, however, aren't typically on the bestseller list. I don't really think that publication is my goal - I just like writing. I've picked up a couple of really great books, the first of which you see above - Words Overflown By Stars, which is a collection of essays and presentations from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. The other is The College Handbook of Creative Writing. I don't care who you are, poetry is HARD. I am not even taking into account my previously mentioned issue with the prepositions. But, I enjoy it. I've already written one, called "The Night I Slept With Bukowski". It's okay. It was fun to write, though.

Oh, here is my new dining room. Sorry about the messiness on the table:
The mess on the table is gone - except for the computer, since I GAVE my parents my wireless router, and I have to stay tethered to the wall for the time being. Maybe I should go buy a router today. Hmm. I also need an external hard drive. Speaking of computers, here is a list of triumphs I have had lately:

  • Successfully "downloaded" Adobe Creative Suite 3, and saved myself, like a billion dollars.
  • Figured out some codecs patch thing that I needed to view movie files on WMP.
  • Managed to download Photoshop Actions off of DeviantArt.com and install them into PS.
  • Bought a new Garmin GPS that allows me to simply transfer Geocache coordinates onto the device instead of having to enter them manually, like I used to do on that GHETTO Magellan. P.S. Never buy a Magellan ANYTHING.
  • Bought new Altec Lansing speakers, which were like 14 dollars, but kick ass.
  • FINALLY opened a Clearwire account, instead of piggybacking off of whoever "Linksys2" is. Free internet tastes better, though.
Ok. I have to go. :)

Old Blog Was SO Lame....

UGH. Ok, so I am totally apologizing for the undeniable lameness of my last blog. Several situations have transpired in between now and last November that, I believe, will contribute to my blog redemption. Here are some:

- DITCHED the idiot.
- Purchased a new camera....a REAL camera with more than the negative-point-zero-zero-five-megapixel crap I've been buying for years.
-I have realized that I use way too many prepositions in my speech and writing, and I'm attempting to remedy that.
- In general, I am weirder and cooler than last year. :)
-Traveled a lot this summer and connected with old and new friends, so lots to talk about. AAH! PREPOSITION!!!

The photo at the top of this post makes me happy because it has three things that I love: 1. My green sofa. 2. My collection of Emily Martin prints from this site. 3. My growing collection of books. The books are on the green sofa because I moved them from the living room to the dining room. This sounds stupid, but it turned out nicely....I will feature a photo soon.

I have a bit of housework to do today, and I have yet to eat breakfast...(lunch, now)...so I will leave you for now. Let us raise our glasses and hope for the best....that this blog will be less lame than the LAST blog, which I ditched, because it was, very literally, beyond all hope. TO THE NON-LAMENESS OF THE NEW BLOG.


P.S. I bought that ceramic kitty on the header up there at the antique store. Why is he wearing a nautical sweater? Who is he saluting? We can only wonder.