Lucky 7....

A somewhat relaxing weekend. I chose to, instead of doing laundry, take out my watercolors and actually watch some tutorials, which helped. Here is a list of things I learned that anyone who knows anything about watercolor painting already knows, and you will think I am Totally Stupid, but here it goes:

  • You have to stretch the paper. This consists of taping your watercolor paper down with masking tape to a special board (which, lo and behold, I already had) because you are going to wet it like, fifty thousand times, and it's going to just warp and curl up everywhere if you don't tape it down.
  • Before you even start to paint, you have to wet the whole paper down, and then let it dry, so it can do its "primary warping", or whatever.
  • I WAS smart enough to draw my picture onto the paper with waterproof ink. Go me.
  • Start with the lightest color first.
  • One cup holds dirty water, one cup holds clean water.
Give me a break. I totally cannot paint. I can crochet you a universe of useless dolls, but I cannot paint. ANYHOW, I found an image on Flickr that seemed kind of easy to draw. (Credit for the image can be found here ==> (click.) I still have a lot to learn...particularly, how to blend colors, and just general shading techniques, but I was not altogether disgusted by the end result:
I also was wandering around my house with my camera, and got this sweet shot of Raggedy Ann sitting on a bowl of yarn:

Regarding life details, not much is going on. I just realized that it's going to be somewhat of a full week....I have a few appointments on Monday and Tuesday, plus I have to go to Andrews on Tuesday and do an intake and run group....then Wed. I have off, which is completely useless, because I have to work on Thursday. Off on Friday, then working on Saturday running the chaperone program AND polygraphs, no work on the Monday after that, then work the 17th-19th, and THEN, I'm OFF for like a BILLION days.

I am so sure you wanted to know all that.

The FUN info, is that my week off will hopefully include the following:
  • Lip piercing. Yay!
  • New tattoo. Yay!
  • Help brother and his family move in. Not so Yay.
  • Thanksgiving.
  • Shopping. Yay!
Life is sweet. Like Raisinets.

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