WTF???? Adam Lambert and Patty the Hamster Discussions.

Before I show you the picture that made me AUDIBLY GASP in my own home, I will state the following facts:

  • I do NOT watch American Idol.
  • I DID, however, see that Adam Lambert guy sing once and I was like, "He's hot."
  • I also know that he is gay, and there is nothing wrong with a gay guy being hot.
That being said, I saw that his new album (release date next Tuesday) is a top seller on Amazon, so I previewed the song snippets. First of all...I didn't like the music, which kind of sucks, because I wanted to like it. THEN, I saw THIS:

I'm sorry...WHO is the concept artist here? There's no doubt that he's an extremely impressive-looking person....and I like eyeliner on guys, but EYESHADOW? DRAG QUEEN EYESHADOW? A BLACK FINGERLESS GLOVE WITH CHAINS ON IT? A DEMURE VIGNETTE AROUND HIS BARE HAIRLESS SHOULDERS AND CHEST? A

I gaped for like, thirty whole seconds. It's beautiful, but in an "OMG is this real" kind of way. Could they possibly have included any more stereotypical gay elements in this assemblage? I do not think so.

Oh, Adam.

Anyway, sorry I've been out. The past two weeks have been very busy....work continues to be a little more time-consuming than usual, I've gotten all new clients at my contract job and have been running intakes for a month straight on Wednesdays, and I have a craft class thing that I'm doing in December, so I've been preparing for that as well. Tomorrow is my last day of work and then I'll be on vacation for ten days, but I'm bringing my laptop, so I should be able to update periodically.

The only other update is about Patty, my hamster. To make a long story short, I heard her messing around so loudly the other morning that she woke me up, and when I got up to see what she was doing, I was greeted by this:
Now, she's done this tons of times before. She stuffs all the paper under the wheel so it won't turn and then climbs on the wheel and tries to jump onto the edge of the tank. At this point, she turns around and looks at me:
and then JUMPS OUT OF THE TANK and proceeds to FALL THREE FEET ONTO THE FLOOR and since there's nowhere for her to go but towards me, she scampers, resigned, over to me where I scoop her into her stupid hamster elevator and put her BACK in the tank, and I scold her (while wagging my finger at her, no less) telling her that she fell the equivalent of like, FIFTY HAMSTER STORIES and was probably hemorrhaging, and I was NOT going to take her to the Hamster E.R., and she was grounded from her wheel for a whole hour. Dammit.

So now, my friend is calling me from a gay bar in Galveston called The Pink Dolphin and telling me everything that is going on out on the back porch area.

I shall leave you with that. See? Pink Dolphin, full circle to the Adam Lambert photo.

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving! Talk at you's soon.

P.S. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want his mascara, though.

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