UGH! Facebook Rant, Sickness, Not even any good photos.

I don't even have a photo for you today. Not even a bad one.

It seems like since Thanksgiving, I have had some physical malady plaguing my general health.

First, it was the piercing. I pierced my bottom lip, on the right side. I absolutely adored it. It didn't hurt too badly, and really didn't swell...until about a week afterwards. The piercing itself was fine. It wasn't infected, what did swell up was the area of my lip right above the piercing. It swelled up so much that the skin broke, and everything stung like hell. It wouldn't go down, and the skin on the inside of my lip started to swell around the back of the post. Needless to say, it drove me to distraction and I had to take it out, which I was LOATHE to do, but had no choice. After a visit to my friend the doctor, she told me that I was ALLERGIC TO THE STAINLESS STEEL POST. What? I have stainless steel in my nose, I've had it in my tongue, NEVER had a problem. She tells me that the skin on the lip is more sensitive. Great. Allergic to stainless steel. Hope I never have to get any kind of lip surgery. Anyway, I loved the piercing, it was a pain in my craw to take it out, but as soon as I did, it healed up within two days, and the swelling was gone.


AFTERWARDS, I had to wait for the broken skin on my lip to heal, which took forever, and it HURT like a fever blister, but it wasn't a fever blister, it was a laceration, and it stung and throbbed like a robin's ass for almost a week. Then it went away.

I also got another tattoo, on the inside of my left wrist, thereby completely convincing my mother that I am either a devil worshiper, or an anarchist, or both. It has healed relatively well, but, thanks to the bitter cold weather (which i love, don't get me wrong) is still kind of dry-ish. I'm hoping that's temporary. I am also recovering from a sinus/respiratory infection that I came down with on Saturday and had to get a shot for on Monday. I still don't feel super, and my entire left sinus cavity is clogged and being difficult. I wish they could Roto-Rooter your sinuses.

Anyway, I'm about to go to bed, but first, a Facebook rant. This is not the first time anyone has typed this, but I'm going to just say it for myself:

I do not want to play Farmville. I do not want to know What Type of Alcohol You Are. I do not want to see that you have sent a "BLOND (misspelling copied from the actual post) WITH OILED UP MELONS" to your friends. I do not care that you cleaned your fish tank. I do not want to know Who Is Your True Love or what Sex In The City Character Are You. I do not want to see photos you took of yourself that give me a glimpse of your: a) cleavage; b)drunk face; or c) your cleavage or your drunk face. While I am quite sure that I have probably annoyed others with my own Facebook, activity, I am sick and cranky enough right now that I am comfortable just bitching about the violations listed above.


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  1. Its not just you. Facebook is dumb when every post is castle ages, lost cow in farmville. My mother is the worst.

    Who did your tattoo? I would like to see pictures. Im pondering a wrist piece when we finish the sleeve on my lower leg.