"SOO-DOO-KO", Christmas, etc.

Guess what it's time for again....

THE PARTY. My lovely Twilight-reading friends will once again gather for this momentous (and illegal) party. It is illegal this time, because New Moon is still in theatres. I have borrowed a surreptitiously made and obtained bootleg copy of the movie, which we will be watching on my new television. As the photo above indicates, there will once again be gifts. I can't show you what's in them, because the party isn't until Saturday, and some of the invitees read my blog, so NO MICHELLE. NO HINTS. I am very excited, but I still have to do some food shopping and decorating beforehand.

I also want to share with the world the fact that my parents, who don't look old, but actually are kind of old, now sit at the table and do Sudoku puzzles together. What's funny about this, is instead of using the proper pronunciation, which I believe is "soo-DOH-koo", they say, "SOO_doo-koh", which is funnier. They also each have their own SOODOOKOH system, and are insistent that their way is the best. Here is a picture of them at work when they came to visit me the other day:

This night was funny, because at one point, they were all quiet, and then my dad goes, "OH NO, I HAVE TWO FOURS!!!!" They are awesome.

And, finally, Christmas is upon us. I did happen to decorate, but somehow, I don't have one red or green decoration. Here is a photo of my living room:

I've really been enjoying the tree. I actually wish I could keep it up all the time, but I'm pretty sure that's one of those things that would very quickly push me even further into the "weird" category.

Lots to do yet. Ta ta.

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