Darling, What Is Going On? <3 and Random Life Question Wednesday

....Nothing special going on tonight, just winding down before bed. I had to drug myself with those little pink Benadryl tablets (just one) from Target, because I couldn't SLEEP last night, so I broke down and took one, which finally worked, but that meant I was really drowsy today. I took a nap earlier while I was watching the appendices from The Return of the King. I never get tired of watching that.

Picture: A gaudy necklace I got at Charlotte Russe.
Post Title: Lyric from "Situations" by Escape the Fate.
Current Random Life Questions:

1. Why do Blogger and Hotmail tell me that I'm misspelling the words "couldn't" and "doesn't"?
2. Why does Hotmail tell me I'm misspelling "Hotmail"?
3. How come I like the word "cyborg" so much?
4. How can a plane ticket be $384 one day and $73 the next?
5. What did everyone do with their stupid Zack Morris "bag phones" from the 90's?

Mmm. Time for sleep. Stay tuned for my possibly crazy trip to Dallas this weekend. Maybe I will do something redonkulous to spice up the blog. AAGH! "redonkulous" isn't picked up by spellcheck, but "couldn't" is?????? What???

Peace out.

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