Oh My, I Am So Excited! <3 <3 <3 And Some Other Stuff.

September 29th......I already previewed "Medicate" on YouTube, and I really like it....Too bad I can't stand iTunes, or I would have already pre-purchased the deluxe edition.... For those of you not familiar with AFI (or "AFG" as a very dear, and musically critical friend refers to them as), the last album they came out with, December Underground, was released in 2006, so I am very excited about Crash Love, and I do not CARE that it doesn't sound like Answer That And Stay Fashionable, so quit hatin'.

ANYWAY, I have been at the hospital in Odessa all day, since my mom had surgery to remove a lobe of her thyroid, which had this gargantuan tumor on it. The doctor said that it looked benign, but we'll know for sure in a few days. Either way, she is doing very well since the anesthesia has worn off. She's a pistol, that woman.

And here, for no reason, is an old Raggedy Ann doll:
LOOK!! SHE HAS A TATTOO!!!! God, toys suck now.

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