Old Blog Was SO Lame....

UGH. Ok, so I am totally apologizing for the undeniable lameness of my last blog. Several situations have transpired in between now and last November that, I believe, will contribute to my blog redemption. Here are some:

- DITCHED the idiot.
- Purchased a new camera....a REAL camera with more than the negative-point-zero-zero-five-megapixel crap I've been buying for years.
-I have realized that I use way too many prepositions in my speech and writing, and I'm attempting to remedy that.
- In general, I am weirder and cooler than last year. :)
-Traveled a lot this summer and connected with old and new friends, so lots to talk about. AAH! PREPOSITION!!!

The photo at the top of this post makes me happy because it has three things that I love: 1. My green sofa. 2. My collection of Emily Martin prints from this site. 3. My growing collection of books. The books are on the green sofa because I moved them from the living room to the dining room. This sounds stupid, but it turned out nicely....I will feature a photo soon.

I have a bit of housework to do today, and I have yet to eat breakfast...(lunch, now)...so I will leave you for now. Let us raise our glasses and hope for the best....that this blog will be less lame than the LAST blog, which I ditched, because it was, very literally, beyond all hope. TO THE NON-LAMENESS OF THE NEW BLOG.


P.S. I bought that ceramic kitty on the header up there at the antique store. Why is he wearing a nautical sweater? Who is he saluting? We can only wonder.

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