The Cone of Shame, and Cake.

Sorry for the blog lag, folks, but I'm back. I was gone this weekend, because it turns out that my mommy STILL has cancer. How do you remove someone's ENTIRE thyroid and still have thyroid cancer? Anyway, she has to check into the hospital and take this radioactive pill and be by herself for five days. Aside from the cancer and radiation parts, that doesn't sound too bad.... Her spirits are good, and she's thankful, as we all are, that she doesn't show signs of cancer anywhere else.

Speaking of my family, we had a great weekend....Had some friends visit as well, which also was nice (thank you, L.). My mommy and sister even made me a Pre-Birthday cake (shown at the top of the post), since I probably won't see them until after my birthday. They also made chili and stuff. I made deviled eggs and then we forgot to eat them. We forgot all about them, actually, until my dad opened the refrigerator and said, "What stinks?" Oh well.

OH, so the Cone of Shame:
My nephew's Boston Terrier is named Pipkin. Some time ago, he got some little sore on the back of his head, and he kept scratching it....(my nephew says the dog has dry skin and allergies, and also acid reflux, and asthma. Anyway,) he finally scratched it until it got really nasty and crusty, and because he wouldn't quit, they put a CONE on him, so now he looks like this:
It's kind of not funny, actually, because it's probably irritating as hell. But how can you not laugh at this?

He looks so....forlorn. I want to give him steak.

Anyway. Random musings for today:

  • I heard that Marge Simpson is going to be in Playboy. Most of me is disgusted and the other 2% or so is morbidly curious.
  • That Austin Whoever guy from the Dallas Cowboys has the biggest, wierdest smile I have ever seen.
  • It is really windy outside right now. I hope that means it will be cold tomorrow.
  • I gave my nephew the second Transformers movie, but forgot that it had all those sex and marijuana jokes in it. Oops.
  • I cut the back of my shoulder today I dont' know how.
  • I am going to relax and read now, after I order a ridiculous number of things off of etsy.
I am the captain of my soul.
Tell me what poem that's from and I'll send you a lollipop.

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  1. It's "Invictus," by William Earnest Henley! :) Now where is my lollipop?!