Here is Patty, To Make Excuses.

Hello. I am patty. I am Kim's hamster. She told me to tell everyone that she is all busy with work or whatever right now and has not had time to make a new post. What is a post? Is it yogurt covered? I like yogurt-covered hay pellets. I don't know about that work business, I saw her come home and then leave and then come back and she painted some stuff. I saw no work. I work all the damn time. You think it's easy burrowing under all these paper shreds, and hiding your food from other hamsters? Plus, how do you think I am typing? I work out ALL THE TIME. Sometimes my wheel gets stuck and I'm like, "YEAH!", but she f-ing comes in here and fixes it. Can you please ask her to angle me towards the tv? And maybe leave it on when she goes to "work?"

Thank you.

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