The Reading Chair Conundrum AND The Moldy Box Incident.

Please, please, please help me decide which chair to buy for my living room.  Remember...the room kind of looks like this now:

The sofa, remember, is green.  I know, you are going to think I am weird for wanting a red chair, but I am trying to create a Black Apple aesthetic.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the Black Apple link on the right under my Favorite Blogs.  One of my favorite artists is Emily Martin (author of the aforementioned blog).  I love everything about this style.  I also own this print:

I love the colors ....sort of washed out, muted sherberty pastels...but she always has that little touch of red, mostly in a stripe pattern, which is what has let me to my current dilemma.  My BIRTHDAY is coming up, and my mommy is going to buy me a chair....only I cant decide which one.  This is where you, my faithful readers, (and I DO love you) come in.  Should I get this:

or this:

Honestly, if I had to choose RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT NOW, it would be the striped one.  What do you think?

Other events:
I left work early because I had some comp time to get rid of, and I thought, "Even though it makes me feel old, I think I shall go home and take a nap".  This never happened.  I got home and was bothered by the un-doneness of my living room and thought "I wonder if I still have those old frames I had in my old storage building?"  What should have been a brief peek into my storage room turned into an almost two-hour encounter with dust, bugs, and whatever the hell else was in there, AS WELL AS a disappointing moment where a HUGE box containing three ginormous binders filled with about twenty pounds of paper, and some CAMPING EQUIPMENT  TORE OPEN and I had to pick all of that up and shove it back in the storage room, unboxed....I came back inside disheveled, sweaty, itchy, and with extremely dirty hands, and probably, things in my hair.  It was so bad I had to take a shower, which made me even MORE sleepy, but then I got distracted with the "looking at chairs online, oOo, what about IKEA" thing, and I STILL have not taken a nap, and it's kind of too late, because it is almost time to start dinner.
So, take a moment, please, and tell me which chair you like.  Also, nevermind the pre-existing pillows on the sofa. I  am going to re-cover them.  

Thanks, and yawn.

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  1. oh my, i love your blog!

    i think i would go with the striped chair. although i really like the legs of the plain red. ah, decisions.