Oh, Cold Mondays Off, How I Love Thee

Since it would not be prudent for me to buy EVERYTHING at the thrift store, I decided to take my camera this time. I'm always afraid they'll yell at me, since most stores don't like for you to take pictures on the premises, but I reckon there is not much concern about industrial espionage at "Trade 'n Treasures". Here are a few shots from the store:
And some pretty things that I did end up buying....
I don't have a record player, I just like the cover. I wonder if the record still works? I would SO buy a whole bunch of story records for whenever (or IF ever) I have a little person of my own.
And I got this little needlework thing because I liked the colors....
These dishes were so pretty, I had to get them....
And I spent a good deal of time sitting right here:
AND, I drew this:

She's not done, by any means, but I'm trying out some new techniques....I always hated drawing with an H pencil, because it was too light, and I could never get much out of it. Now, I'm actually scared to draw with anything BESIDES an H. I have some HB lead for my mechanical pencil and I'm thinking....that's way too dark. I can't even LOOK at my 8B pencil. It makes me nervous.

So yes....it was a fantabulous day, so much so that I'm not even bummed about going to work tomorrow. It's all about balance, people.

In other brief news, my nephew, Christopher has the A Strain Flu, and that sucks.

I am happy as a clam.


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