Hamster Bowling With Patty...and Some Other Happy Things

I took the day off from work today, because TECHNICALLY, I worked on Friday....anyway, I used today to do a whole bunch of stuff.  There were regular things, like laundry, etc...and then there were fantastic things, like HAMSTER BOWLING WITH PATTY:

Here she is coming out of her "hamster elevator", a.k.a. a bowl that I have to use to take her out of her tank, because she will bite me if I just stick my hand in there:

 Ooh, a spare.  This was ridiculously fun, and she got a lot of food out of the deal, so everybody was a winner.  Moving on....

I got a ridiculously awesome package from Linsey the other day:

I've made up another box for her, and I also am sending a package to April Star, but I can't post photos because I haven't edited their addresses out in Photoshop yet.  I'll do that tomorrow.

Other things:
  •  There is a piece of giant bubble wrap on my bathroom floor that I have refused to pick up for some reason, and I keep stepping on it and scaring the wits out of myself.
  •  There are pork chops in the oven right now.  
  • My birthday is coming up, and my mom asked me what I wanted, and I can't think of anything.  I pretty much have everything I need.  The best thing I can come up with is like...tights and shoes....or a pug.
  • The stupid elastic on the bottom of the headband I got at Anthropologie was too small for my big head, so I had to CUT IT and GLUE the fancy part of the headband onto an old plastic headband.  That's a lot of work for the $32 I paid for it already.  
  • I just bought this for myself:

 plus, like 80 film exposures, for about $120 on eBay.  The great part was, I had a $51 balance on my Paypal account that I'd FORGOTTEN ABOUT.  Happy Birthday, Me.

Time for dinner, peeps. 

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