I'm Baaaack.

After attending what I percieved to be two billion hours of conference-type lectures, I am finally home. Because I didn't want to come back and just have some boring-ass blog post about work, I decided to take a small detour and go to Trader's Village, a ginormous flea market in Grand Prairie. Without further ado, a few photos:

Yes, a little scary. Here, let's have some inflatable spongebob:

I'm not sure why, but Spongebob is VERY popular at the flea market. LOOK AT THE WOLVERINE POPSICLE. I WANT ONE.

It was a nice day for strolling around...I was there for about three hours, then I drove five hours home. Not much to see, being West Texas and all, but I was very happy that I DID decide to do the dishes before I left. The apartment is clean, except I didn't make up my bed, but whatever. My hamster was alive, I got some AWESOME mail (APRIL STAR AND LINSEY, WOOT!) and i think I shall now unpack and relax.

P.S., I am eating my own words here, but i DO like the new AFI album. It just took some getting used to.

Hasta luego!

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