I Have to Show You What I Bought....

I forgot to post what I bought in Dallas.....

Really beautiful hairclip/brooch from Aldo. I like the composition in the photo, too. Sorry about the dust on that ceramic deer. MOVING ON....Really pretty headband from Anthropologie. This probably was marked up, like eight thousand percent, but it looks very well-made. I love how vintagey and art deco their accessories are.

Another art deco piece, this time from Forever 21. It's a lasso, or lariat, or whatever.
Awesome embroidered sweater/cardigan found on sale at Anthropologie....WAY more than half off the original price. Sweet little dress, Forever 21.
Ruffley jacket....sorry about the poor lighting. I had to use flash, because it's dark in my apartment, and I don't know how to take good low-light photos yet. It is on my Bucket List. Got this at Nordstrom.
Coach bag #1

Coach bag #2....
#3............aaaaaaaaaand the last one. Again, bad lighting, so I'm using flash, which makes it look ugly.

Ok. i must make tacos now. very hungry.

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