Horrific Sewing Equation. CAUTION: BLOODY PHOTO

Hello. I feel the need to use this blog post as a method of conveyance....there are some things you should simply not attempt...not necessarily because these things are impossible, but because they compromise your safety and the safety of others around you. Texting while driving, for example, is certainly an impressive feat, but on the whole, stupid. I am here to warn you of yet another activity....known as "Using Too Sharp/Large Pins While Sewing And You Bought Them Because They Were Cool Colors, But Should Have Bought The Thinner, Longer Kind". In order to drive this point home (but not while texting...HA!), I have included the bloody, horrific consequences that you might face, should you attempt to make the same mistake I did. WARNING: GRAPHIC BLOODY PHOTO AT END.

Plus this:
Equals this:

Happy sewing,

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