Good Thing I'm Not a Surgeon

Because carving these ridiculous stamps was damn near impossible. Well, really it was easy, I just need practice, I think. Yeah, they look cute now, but up close, you can see how the lines are all jagged and I wasn't able to follow the curves very well...not to mention I was sort of hunched over while I was doing it, now I probably need back surgery. Awesome! Maybe I can look up a few more tutorials online and see what I'm doing wrong. It was fun, though, and now I can stamp cotton candy with a face on a piece of paper! Believe it or not, this does bring me joy.

Mail art was successful. This little package is on it's way to Oregon (Eileen!!). The card is from an old library catalogue, of course, and I made a tiny journal with excerpts from my written journal. I think the entry I copied had something to do with internet piracy, being allergic to fruit salad, and my hamster escaping from her tank. The little piece of cloth I embroidered while I was watching Aqua Teen. I don't know how much more productive a person can get than that.

I'm sending off my first package and two little mail art postcards today. If anyone is interested in trading mail art/swaps, etc., leave me a message!

And now, before I go find some dinner, is a mystery for you:
WHERE DID ALL THE STYROFOAM CUPS COME FROM???? THERE IS ONLY ONE OF ME!!! Please nevermind my messy cabinet.

Ugh. I am hungry. Is Jumburrito open on Sundays? I shall go see. If it is, I will take a picture of my burrito and post it here.


  1. I love your stamps! They turned out super cute!

  2. I'd like to swap mail art/etc with you. Do you do international? I'm in Australia...