MAIL LOVE <3 <3 <3

I intended, when I came back from dinner tonight, to post this slightly emo email that I'd sent to a dear friend this afternoon about helping other people and needing a break, and what I might need from another human being....blah blah blah...and THEN I GOT MAIL. Good mail. Mail from Linsey who is now on my Top Awesomest People Ever List. Tonight, in all my temporary emo-ness, I wondered if it was too much to ask that someone just be there for me. Just for tonight. And Linsey was it.

You want to know something interesting?

You want to know how I know Linsey?

I don't.

Never seen or spoken to her before in my life.

Yet here is a little package, decorated, with my little name on it, filled with things she loves. And I love them too.

If you haven't picked up the book "Good Mail Day"yet, you should.

It is, very simply, a means of connecting with others - using a method that our "modern" lifestyle has deemed archaic and outmoded.

Yet here I sit....


Big thanks going out to Linsey right now. Expect something soon.

I shall save the emo post for another night. :)

P.S., has anyone listened to the new AFI album track leaks? I like them!!!


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