These Make Me Happy.

Lattes from McDonalds. I don't drink them often, because they're loaded with, yes calories, but more importantly, milk, which is something that I simply cannot tolerate in large amounts, and I CERTAINLY shouldn't be drinking it, but these are so GOOD....it's worth the pain. Sometimes.

....Sweet Mail Art from Eileen. SHE DREW HAPPY CAGE FREE EGGS FOR ME. There were lots of little kawaii stickers and pencils....vintage stationery....I almost passed out with glee. I need to mail her back. I am a little panicked that sendsomething.net is down, and has been down all day.... But, moving on.
My new pretty rug in the living room. I have begun project LIVING ROOM OVERHAUL, and this is my first purchase. I was about to kill myself on the other rug I had, which had this permanent crease that I kept tripping over. I think I am going to the fabric store tomorrow, since the decorator fabrics are half off. We'll see. Next...
My sewing machine. I am sewing impaired, so I have to write reminders on it with Sharpie. Do not laugh.

It's 11:30...I probably need to go lie down. This is just further proof of my inevitable and unbearably rapid decline in the spry-ness of youth, but whatever.

Sleep tight.....

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