OMG. Do. Not. Enter.

Really. I worked all day today. I KNOW that this is what everyone else does and I need to stop whining, but PLEASE, WITH THE SEX OFFENDING. My job really doesn't get to me very often, but I will be very, very glad for the break this coming week. Maybe a week holed up in a hotel room is just what I need. I'm kind of looking forward to it. I thought this week would NEVER end. Polygraphs were relatively successful today. I also got to meet and work with the court interpreter, and she's very cool. I wish my Spanish was that good, but that is NEVER going to happen.

I'm not feeling great. I can't shake off this sleepiness, and naps are not helping. I never take naps, but now that I am officially OLD, I end up taking like, a two hour nap on Thursdays after group, and I also fell asleep today, like some kind of narcoleptic. I MEANT to sit and watch Aqua Teen for a little bit, and I passed out until 7:45. SIGH.

I need to clean the house in a major way. Ugh.

I got new watercolors. I've never worked with Koi brand colors, but I liked them just fine - here's a test run:
Not my best work, but I was trying to figure out how to make pink. I believe I have already expressed on this blog that I suck at painting anything besides little cartoon characters, and watercolors are certainly no exception. I wish I could take a class, but I do not want to pay 300 dollars and end up painting twenty still lifes of green peppers and assorted fruits.

I got something funny in the mail from my bank:
You just never expect for Bank of America to send you a letter with "Hello Kitty" on it. I found it humorous.

Ok. I got some fantabulous mail from Eileen O. Today - will feature a picture of it on tomorrow's blog.

For now, I'm going to listen to Quick DJ on my Zune software, clear off my dining room table, MAYBE do dishes, and we'll see where I'm at after that.

Hug the stars!

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