Turning in early.

I just got back from Andrews not too long ago. I've had dinner, and I'm going to get ready for bed. I realize that this sounds positively geriatric, but I don't care. I am sleepy, and the alarm has gone off in the middle of a REM cycle three days in a row, MAYBE I will do something crafty. Really, I just want to rest. BUT FIRST:

Randoms: I took the above photo on my way home from New York.
Blogger still sucks at understanding that I only want Trebuchet font.
I have groups all day tomorrow.
I have a sore on my ear (gross) because I wore cheap earrings the other day and had an allergic reaction to the nickel.
I bought new watercolors today
I have not prepared at all for my trip to Dallas.
I love that it is getting cold at night now.
I love Escape the Fate's old music.
I am wearing my favorite t-shirt right now.
I love the word "rapscallion"
I am allergic to bananas, and that sucks.

Good noches.

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