Not even a GLANCE over my shoulder for Summer....

Finally. I know, in three days, it will be humid and 115 degrees, but yesterday, it was cool. Today, it is cool. I can't even see the sun. I don't care. I have had enough sun to last me a lifetime. This reinforces my secret dream, which is to throw some stuff in a bag and go live in the woods in Washington or Oregon somewhere in a little cabin. I really can't think of anything I like about summer. I'm not even crazy about traveling during that time. It's hot here, but it's arid, so anytime I go even four or five hours outside of West Texas, it gets unbearably humid and I feel like I'm in the Congo. No sun, lots of clouds, and the smell of fireplaces burning...(because West Texans use any excuse to light the fireplace)...it's my kind of day.
...there are certain details about my house that I really love, because they illustrate who I am. This little mug, for example, was purchased at Anthropologie in Philadelphia in the dead of Winter. I love the shape and the lines - it's unconventional, but only because it's not modern-looking. The monogram also echoes a Victorian/days-gone-by design that I find charming. Finally, you will notice two little tubes poking out of it - this is the mug which hangs on my bench/coat rack where I keep my oboe reeds. I still play after all this time, even though I have somewhat lost my touch, I love playing, and I still remember some of my solos from Solo & Ensemble competitions I had in high school.

.....and now, I will turn back to my mail art, and my lino cutting (just got a new Speedball lino cutter today) and see if I can make some cool stamps.

Cheers! Wear a jacket!

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