Random House Shots and Then I Have to Go Read

I've already started the new Dan Brown novel - what is with the penchant for severed and/or eviscerated body parts? And mutilation? Anyway, it's fantastic, and I'm ready for tomorrow to be over so I can read some more. Actually, it won't be that simple, because after work tomorrow, I have a private client coming in for an eval, and then I have to go shopping for something to wear for the game, and THEN I can read. At some point this weekend, I have GOT to clean up around here, because I have mum stuff all over the place, and mail art stuff, and i need to take out the garbage and wash dishes, and.....all that.

SOOO, I am going to try to squeeze in a few chapters before bed. Photo #1 is the side of the fridge, where i PURPOSEFULLY juxtaposed the F that S card and the Have a Great Day magnet. The second one is an old card file I thrifted. This is where I keep my ATC's, and, apparently, random computer software.

Pleasant dreams, friends.

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